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UX/UI Design
Synthesis design
Design sprints
Rapid prototyping

Music is a collaborative process but todays production tools do not reflect the online mix & fusion era we live in.

Product design
Artan Mansouri
Brand identity
Kurppa Hosk
Soundation in-house team

Google Docs for music production.

Google Docs for music production, but even more collaborative as you can see other co-creators’ cursors, what they are working on and every action they make in the studio, as they make it..

Soundation Studio

The design process consisted of a user-centric approach with weekly sprints ending on fridays with 5 user interviews to iterate prototypes designed during the week. Leading us from concept, lofi-prototypes, high fi-prototypes to a finished product being used by 100 00 monthly active users and acknowledged by leading music technology publishers.

Zero friction to sound

Reinventing the SND Studio - A tag-filter system was designed for finding your sound, a bottom panel for quick access to your instrument chain - accompanied with new synthesizers, effects.

All instruments and effects are designed modular to enable the user to play around with their chain as if it was lego.

Synthesizers, instruments, effects and a bottom panel for them to live in.

Along side the new studio I designed the public web with focus on showcasing the new synthesizers, effects and instruments for the release of "Collab live" functionality.  

View the page and try out the studio by visiting