The coat predicts the weather by measuring air pressure changes in it’s surrounding. The coat will then simply let you know the weather by a discrete LED light on the jacket arm.

By doing so the raincoat will make sure you don’t forget it in the morning, but also keeping you informed about weather changes during the day by shifting LED light. From rain, storm, sun, windy and if the weather remains the same. No apps. No downloads. Simply a Stutterheim  raincoat.

Artan Mansouri

The world's first raincoat which can predict rain and letting you know so with the help of Internet of Things technology. Made for Stutterheim Raincoats, a Swedish raincoat brand endorsed by the likes of Jay-Z and Kanye West.

Besides knowing when and where it rains, the coat also knows if you have been exposed to rain by measuring increased humidity.  When being exposed to the rain your jacket has predicted, you get access to "Rain songs", a Spotify playlist consisting of unpublished melancholic music by   The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. 

When the rain moment is over, the playlist is gone as well, making sure you embrace every drop. This way, embracing rain has never felt more melancholy.