Give Your Dog a Voice
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Humans  can't bark and dogs can't speak.  Leading to worry, high veterinary check-ups and lack of knowledge of what's actually going. on. 

CEO/Creative Director
Artan Mansouri
Industrial Design
Linus Haglund
Technical Lead
Petter Hultin
Hardware Lead
Jannis Papadopoulos
Machine Learning Lead
Lucas  Rodés-Gurao
Caroline Alupo
Mikala Pedersen

Born in the unicorn factory Stockholm, home to unicorns such as Skype, King, Spotify, Izettle. Tracy was critically acclaimed as one of Swedens hottest startups until the dog revolution went back underground 2019.

A communication platform between humans and dogs. Powered by the latest advancements in  Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence.

Technologies that we built - The Tracy Suite


Tracy hardware is a modular design platform. You can add the features & sensors you need and customize the system in minutes.


Tracy Explorer comprises a mobile app and a capture device. It’s used to capture motion sensor data during the data collection phase. Once the data collection is ready, it is sent to Tracy Analyser for analysis.


Tracy Analyser is a software package for analyzing and collecting action from motion sensors. This is where you do the AI learning. You can playback sensor data, in order to identify important patterns. The result of the analysis is the motion pattern database for Tracy Cloud AI.

Cloud AI

Tracy Cloud AI is a cloud software package that includes the software and the pattern database.It can be integrated into 3rd party hardware platforms. Tracy cloud AI is fast, accurate and self learning.


The Tracy iOS app is where all collected knowledge and information is    displayed for the end-user.

Brand strategy

Dog owners are like most people. They are not just one thing. Sometimes they go on hikes on a mountain or go mushroom picking in the woods. And sometimes they just want to hang out in the city and eating takeaway food.​ Brands are like that too. They can have products that are directed at different mindsets, people and situations. For both the city and the outdoors. ​ Many brands have this strategy, creating products both for the city and the outdoors. What they have in common is an identity that is neither the most outdoorsy nor the most urban. Instead it's a perfect between the two worlds: outdoor products with a touch of street and urban products with a touch of the functionality and performance required for the outdoors. 

This strategy  was  the new direction for the Second generation Tracy.

Early 3D printed prototypes that were given out to 30 dog owners called "Tracy Explorers" - The prototypes were used in field for a month, to test the design, but also for collecting motion data to train our algorithms.

AI modeling and training.


Show the Tracy App your dog and it detects what breed it is by the help of computer vision- enabling us to create a 3D rendition of your best friend.


Follow every step - anytime and anywhere, even when you are not there.

Tracy's algorithms have been trained to detect different movement pattern with 90 % accuracy- unlike traditional activity monitors on the market.


Get in-depth statistics on what your dog is doing and what it needs.​

If your friend is in need of a check-up, you have access to video meetings with veterinarians, directly in the app. Making Tracy a one way stop for all your dog's needs.



Based on your dog's data you receive weekly items - Bandana for bad boys who have been living the wild life. And fitness  filters for dogs with high activity. 

During our research we were asked by our users to design a space for all your essential dog information, so we turned the settings page into the world's first digital dog passport - now all your dog data is gathered in one place.