Art Direction

The problem is two folded.
Fans have no visual tool to discover new up and coming artists. 

Up and coming artists have no fast funding alternative than giving up their master recordings to record labels.

Designer/Art Director
Artan Mansouri

Abbas is a fictional product in the intersection of music and fintech. Our live-streamed studio allows faster funding for up and coming artists and innovative investment & co-creating opportunities for music lovers.

The first platform where music fans can discover new artists and take part of their creation process.  In exchange, fans get the opportunity to receive royalties earned by their favorite songs and recordings by either investing or co-creating.

We collect these royalties on behalf of fans from performing rights organizations, publishers and record labels and tracks such royalties through proprietary blockchain technology.

Skin in the game

Once a week our host Han introduces a new up and coming talent to the studio. Their track will be produced live on our stream for fans to enjoy.

For those who believe in the artists talent, have the opportunity to press the dollar icon and make a donation, and in return get a percentage of the songs royalty.

Just as ticket sales for a popular artist may sell out in minutes, the live stream creates a focal point for awareness, demand, and opportunity.

Now every fan have skin in the game.